50th Post! Grab the Liquor & Make a Daquiri


Every once in awhile, we’re prevented from doing our work due to some unforeseen circumstance. Today I have the good fortune to have such a complication. My computer is just as overworked as I am and so today, I’m taking an inspirational field trip out into the world.

But a writers work never stops just because the easy way is broken. It’s the 50th post here on The Daily Kickstand!!!

So Evernote and the light rail it is. What a marvelous life to be able to get out in the sunshine for a bit. Today’s Forecast in Phoenix: 84* and bright sunshine filled blue skies.

So, moral of the story is that old cliche with a twist. When life gives you lemons, you grab some liquor and make a daquari! We can’t always control our circumstamces. That’s a fact. However, we are in full control of how we respond to them.

I stuck to my guns and fought against technology to accomish the design I said I’d get done today. I will not lie, there was plenty of cussing and pacing and angry key pressing. Then I laughed. It was a maniacal laugh as I saved the finished product and pressed send to email it out. Put my shoes on, donned a pair of sunglasses borrowed from my sweetheart, and hit the pavement smiling in the sunshine.


True, I can’t stop technology. I certainly can’t stop it from breaking, but I emerged victorious today and now it’s time to forget about the computer. So with that said, happy Monday everyone. I’m back at it tomorrow, and I promise a new piece tomorrow. Slainte!

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