Happy New Years from TheDailyKickstand

2017 is going to be an epic year for confidence & empowerment!

OK,, Happy 2017 everybody!

I’m super excited about the new year. Would you like to know why?

Because we’ve got a whole lot planned for the site and life this year. Not only is the turmoil of 2016 behind us finally, but it’s a brand new year full of possibilities! So, that said, if you have wanted to learn to:

  • Communicate better
  • Be more confident
  • Grow your relationships
  • Find new love
  • Change your life with Personal Growth
  • Love yourself more!

I’ve got great news! We’re here to help you with an all new look coming this week, brand new e-learning courses launching this month, new books and e-books to be released, and so much more!

TheDailyKickstand.com-Happy New Years 2017-

Happy New Years from TheDailyKickstand.com

What does this new year hold for you?

So, what is it that you are most wishing for this year? We would love to hear from our readers! You can comment on this post and we will do our best to respond to each one of you!

We are excited to share another year with you all as we enter our 2nd official year as your #1 source of positive & mindful content!

What’s more? We can’t wait to grow our reputation and your trust in our coaching programs which should be up and running in just a week or two here on the site! We’re just putting the final touches on each of the programs. But here’s a sneak peak for our loyal readers:

Upcoming E-learning courses for 2017

  • Self-Love Bootcamp
  • The Confidence Builder Course
  • Relationships & Intimacy: Rekindling the spark of love
  • Communication & Body Language
  • Anxiety/Stress Reduction

Of course, if you are in the Phoenix, AZ area and would like a more hands-on, one-to-one coaching experience, we still offer those as well! The e-learning opportunity is just our way of reaching and empowering the lives of as many people as we can!

2017 is YOUR year to create the best version of YOU!

All it takes is a leap of perspective! You can change your life for the best, it takes a shift in thinking.

Change your mindset, Change your life!

Here’s how to start:

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  2. Comment with the 3 things you wish to change this year
  3. Receive our newsletter
  4. Create the best year yet!

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Happy 2017 everyone! Be blessed and let’s make this year the best one yet!

TheDailyKickstand-Learn personal growth and empowerment, communication & Body language, Confidence and empowerment techniques, and so much more.

Happy 2017 from TheDailyKickstand.com



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6 thoughts on “Happy New Years from TheDailyKickstand”

  1. Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to this year for multiple reasons: I’m one class away from earning my Paralegal Studies degree, I’m excited to be reading regularly again, and I finally feel comfortable enough to begin the editing process on my first NaNoWriMo endeavor from 2012. Blessings to you!