Seriously, Why a Kickstand?

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The Power of Conversation Can Transform Your Life

The Daily Kickstand came about as I was struggling with crippling anxiety & depression following a very dark and rough period of about 10 or 12 years of my life. After 2 agonizing weeks of solitude and self-torment, a new friend and teacher entered my life.

#The Daily Kickstand, #Empowerment #Positive #Mindful #Content #Life Coaching #Self Improvement

Through our many deep and sometimes nonsensical conversations, I realized that all of my self-pity was not doing me any favors. In fact, it was literally killing me! I knew then that something had to change.

I began writing a morning positive post every day on my Facebook page and from the first word, the Universe decided to let me know I was not alone in my struggle. That morning The Daily Kickstand was born kicking and screaming it’s way into existence.

The gift of helping shed light into the darkness for others to find their way became my mission. I was beginning to heal my own wounds and others were gaining as much healing from those automatic morning musings on positive and mindful living just as much, if not more than I was!

Every day, more and more people would ask me what the secret was behind my seemingly 180* turnabout in a matter of days. I wanted to help more, but I didn’t know how. I developed a system where not only was I managing my depression and anxiety but its grip over my life was getting weaker and weaker.

Self-Care and Empowerment

Since I began this odyssey of self-discovery & self-care I have found a new calling out of what was once a head pounding, blurry & double visioned, hungover train wreck of a life.

Today, that writing helps empower others to find the same love and light that led me from the darkness; sharing my experiences to teach and coach others using the very same system that allows me to spend more of my life actually living mindful and happy, as opposed to going through the motions without much joy.

You are not alone

If you have been struggling, you are not alone! Maybe you have tried the self-help books and videos yet nothing has worked. Therapy does help for those who need it.

Personally, I’ve found the only way to truly change your life is to face your fears. Once you’ve taken a courageous look into your soul and faced down your demons can true transformation begin. You can change your life, simply by changing your mindset.

  • You can transcend the problems & fears holding you back.
  • You can lead a happier, more fulfilling life you’ve always wanted.
  • There is a bliss within you! The mission of The Daily Kickstand is to help you find it!

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Be you. Be beautiful. Be blissfully blessed & live a positive and mindfully inspired life!


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9 thoughts on “Seriously, Why a Kickstand?”

  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful insight and teachings. Thankful to have been there at Tribal Nights downtown. It was a pleasure to listen to your story and helpful guidance. Til next time! 🙂