How to Tell Those You Love About the ONE You Love

It’s an incredible feeling when the one you love tells you that they feel the same. We all know that tense moment right before we utter those three little words for the first time. But what happens when the relationship of yesterday that was so troubled finally bursts back into life and the flames of love and passion are renewed? The love again flows and the hurt and unfulfilled yesterday’s are erased.

Everyone in your life, however, may not be as thrilled about your newly rekindled relationship with your ex but just remember this it’s not their life! You are the only one responsible for your own happiness so do what it is that will make you happy, and damn the naysayers. So how does one contend with the family and friends that are not as open to the idea of your ex and you finding love anew? There is, unfortunately, no sure fire way, but here are a few tips to soften the blow.

How to Tell Those You Love About The ONE You Love

  • Have a Positive Conversation: Chances are at some point you’ve vented to your loved ones about the shortcomings of your heart’s desire, everyone does it. But now, you’re faced with the uphill battle of retraining our friends and relations to accept them again. Start by telling them about the things that they’ve done to change. A new job, therapy or any shift in their life that leads to the betterment of their person can’t hurt.
  • Assert Your Commitment: Whether or not commitment was an issue to the relationship, asset to those that love you that the two of you have renewed your promise of faith and love to each other.
  • Stick to Your Guns: Understandably your loved ones will try to talk you out of your decision to return to the relationship, but don’t let them. Do not allow their dislike or distaste for your mate sour your affinity to your lover. Waffling indecisiveness only gives them something ton pick at. Stay the course and stand your ground.
  • Be Prepared to Lose a Friend or Two: If you wanna make an omelette, you’ll have to break a few eggs, and hearts. Your family & true friends will most likely come around to supporting your decision eventually. But the timid, weaker connections in your life may walk away. Let them. If you’re pouring your heart out and someone decides to turn their back on you then the problem is theirs, not yours.
  • Know your heart: You have to know what’s truly in your heart or else you should not be dating in the first place. So take the time, to search your heart and be sure that you want to be with your estranged love before you’ve begun. Trust what I say, if your heart is pure and true, then there’s no way you can lose by taking a chance. Not only that but your friends and family will see that and hopefully give you less guff if you’re convincing them. The proof will be in your resilience and resolve

.Above all, be true to yourself and your heart and you can’t go wrong. Too often I hear of people saying, “Well, I had the one but…” Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to your peers influence. You have a right to do what makes you happiest. So tell the naysayers to buzz off and be you- You’re beautiful the way you are, flaws and all.