It’s O.K. to Walk Away

It’s ok to walk away from someone who doesn’t respect you. It’s alright if you have had enough of being put down or run through the coals for the things you did or didn’t do in the past. If someone sees the need to continually berate or belittle you for your missteps no matter how many times you’ve apologized or tried to make amends, it’s ok to walk away.

When you’ve tried your hardest to atone for your transgressions and it seems that nothing will ever sate someone’s need to even the score, you not only have a right to feel hurt but you have the right to walk away. At that point the problem most likely isn’t you anymore, the problem is them.

Their hurt runs deeper than just you. The hurt that they feel is in all probability a deep seated hurt from long past and you just managed to kick up a few old bones that you didn’t bury in the first place. Stop paying for someone else’s sins.

If no matter how many times you take the correct action, they always blame you for the wrong one, walk away. It’s not you, it’s them.  Chances are, they’ve never taken the time to heal from a previous wound and they’ve most likely carried that cross far longer than you’ve been in their life.

When we come across someone so damaged, so utterly unwilling to deal with their pain and let it go and move on, we can choose to stay and bear the burden of their wrath or we can realize that they are not well.  We will never be able to fix them but rather, our tolerance of their behavior only enables them to stay broken, to ignore the work they must do to become whole once again.

Sure, we love them. But loving someone and being their emotional dishrack are two totally different things. If we truly love them and want to help them then unfortunately the best thing we can do is to walk away and hope that they find the grace to heal. Staying around will only allow them to pawn the problem off and continue to blame it away instead of fixing it.

Now then, how do we escape the nightmare of endless volleys of insults, threats, and accusations? At times, severely damaged individuals will stop at nothing to convince us to stay. If trying to will us to stay doesn’t work, they may even resort to violent or immoral means to make us afraid to leave. We may feel trapped, unable to get away.

If you’ve tried and tried and find yourself in this place, seek help. Or better yet, just pickup what you can and go. There is no honor in staying amd enduring the abuse of someone whose pride and ego are acting the frightened little child and on a path to hurt not only themselves but also anyone who gets too close.

Toxicity is not sexy. Hate and blind anger towards others are a dangerous drug. The momentary boost their self-esteem gets is not sustainable. While at times their firey storm may seem quelched from time to time, it’s only a matter of daylight to reignite the tinder.

Until a full internal healing is initiated and the inner healing work is done, there will be no love nor peace with them. No amount of trying to fix them can work. They don’t even realize they’re broken or that there’s a problem. They can only find fleeting moments of happiness birthed in the bowels of their own misery amd folly.

You deserve better. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be praised more than you’re criticized. You deserve love, and you deserve someone who see the magic you possess and wants to lift you up and not push you underwater. You deserve more.

Stop settling and know your worth. You are not a punching bag. You can fight back by leaving. Be good to yourself even if someone else isn’t.

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