Make a Leap of Perspective

Ditch your expectations and grow your life

Sometimes, it may seem that we cannot get out in front of our past mistakes and make a fresh start. Our failures hang over us like Henny Penny’s apple tree. We end up so terrified of our world falling in on us that we convince ourselves that our past is what defines us.

Folks, I invite you to take a leap of perspective, ditch your expectation and preconceived notions and grow your life today!

Just as a sapling that has never felt the breeze soon breaks in a gale, the protection of your comfort zone has made you weak. If you have put your life on autopilot, it’s time that you grab the wheel and turn it directly into the storm of life and discover the best version of yourself. Do it today!

Old dogs can learn new tricks

A friend of mine who has struggled for a good portion of his life recently chose to dedicate himself to atoning for his mistakes and head into the eye of his past hurricane. I am extremely proud of my young friend.

After a devastating loss of a childhood friend, my friend looked at his fears and some monumental tasks before him, he chose to transform his rough and tumbled habits. Choosing a path of permanent wellness, he threw down his crutches, straightened a few wrinkles and finished his high-school equivalency.

Having allowed myself to fall into old patterns that did not benefit me or enable personal growth, his courage is an inspiration we can all learn from. I am grateful for the truths that his courage has opened my eyes to see.

Once in awhile, it takes a tsunami of calamity to wash away our self-defeating habits and cleanse us of the mental dams that had previously anchored us in our safe harbor.

Awakening the rebirth of conscious choice within

As soon as our eyes have been opened to a new vision of what our lives have been, what they could be, and where we want to get to we can then begin to reconnect with our greatest tool to self-discovery and self-improvement.

When we have been through the fire, either by circumstance or our careless decisions of days past, we become tempered by the very flames that once held us captive in the hellfire of our stagnation.

Just as the forge softens the steel for the blacksmith to fold the blade thereby making it more resistant to cracking or snapping, so too do the trials and dark moments of our former selves.

Once the amalgam of our resolve has reached its optimal tensile strength, our clarity then becomes hardened in the soothing baptism of rebirth into our new consciousness. The choices we have made before now serve as mindful reminders of wayward crossroads and wrong turns of the past.

It is at this crossroads that our intuition and clarity aid our conscious choice to be different. It is a point in which we no longer must battle the devil within us and we are free to recreate ourselves as empowered and sentient beings on our true path once more.


The payoff of a conscious life

When we no longer see life and the world through the haze of our mistakes and the anxious fear that once held us hostage has been shattered, we find that the only thing that ever held us back was our own narrow-minded belief system.

It is an extremely humbling position of insight. But in that humility, we can find grace in the lessons that we were taught. We can renew our intention to walk the righteous path of self-discovery and empowerment in the aftermath of our own folly.

All it takes to change your life is one conscious moment of clarity. The hard part is remaining open to the possibility that nothing in this life is permanent. In doing so, the Universe will reward us in the abundance of a well-lived life.

I invite you to take that leap of perspective and grow out of your own shadow. I promise you that the life outside of that bubble is not only less painful, but the rewards we can reap are far better than the place we once sat idle.



4 thoughts on “Make a Leap of Perspective”

  1. This is exactly what happened to me! The worst tragedy of my life (my son taking his life), although extremely painful, benefited me in that I realized I need to change my life. I needed to realize my true self and go out on limb! It was very scary because in exposing my true self to the public I made myself very vulnerable because I do not fit what my family and society consider the norm! It was well worth because I have never been happier.