Let Compassion Be Your Guide

Helping Hands of Healing

It’s not unusual for angels to appear in the most unlikeliest of places. Most times, we may not even know we are lost when they come to guide us back onto our paths. Sometimes, they befriend us in a synchronistic fashion which only the Universe will truly understand. For those of us lucky enough to be graced with an angel’s presence, the  experience is one to behold forever more.

I recently got back from a trip up to Northern Arizona with a friend of mine. We stayed in Flagstaff at a friend of theirs house. For 4 days my friend and I had solitude and a place for some true rest and relaxation and healing. This was what I needed most this 4th of July.

Well, as it was I was already graced with a healers presence as my companion, but the experience of where I was brought made me thankful to be alive. I’m talking about a retreat in Angel Valley called NuLemuria. Wow!

Nestled in AngelValley and surrounded by the beautiful red rock formations of Sedona and the area, Angel Valley is a magical place filled with the grace and power of the healing energy vortexes. Upon arrival, I could instantly feel the power the land holds.

We walked the grounds of NuLemuria and my senses tingled, I could feel the energy wrapping me like a newborn swaddled up next to mothers breast. The hair on my arms raised with electricity flowing through my feet grounding me with every step. I felt the incredibly strong current rising up through my being and stretching to the heavens far above my head.

Even after we left the grounds, I could feel the sacred energy coursing through me. Even back in the oven roasted valley, I am still abuzz from the wonders of the Universal Flow that emanated from the earth there.

I cannot wait to go back! So little time, so much to explore. But, I’m grateful for the trip and the experience. I returned to the Phoenix, AZ heat refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to expand upon the site and my life path. I thank you for being a part of it.

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