Life is Too Short to Be Unhappy

Life is too short to be unhappy, that is a solid fact. So then, why do we allow ourselves to become stuck in place? Why do we let a situation or person who is not right for us keep us where we do not belong? Why stay in an environment that not only prevents us from growing, but is actively causing us harm, distress and stifling the very thing that makes us magnificent?

Our free will to choose happiness is one of our greatest gifts as people, but why then do we stay in relationships where we are not free to choose that happiness? If it seems like I’m talking to you right now, I probably am.

Today is a day unlike any other because you’ve realized the discourse in your life. Maybe, you’ve known something has been amiss but haven’t taken action to fix it out of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of being alone, and even more frequently the fear of uncertainty locks us in place. We become so afraid of making the wrong choice that we make the worst choice of all. We refuse to make one.

If you’ve felt lost, if you’ve been stagnate, if each day is as lifeless as the last it is time to shake off the blue that controls you and choose to change your course. If you want to be happy, then you’ve got to choose happy. You’ve got to choose movement. You’ve got to choose, to live a better life that allows you to flourish.

But maybe you’re afraid you’ll fail? So what! Maybe you won’t. Maybe today is the day you’re life changes for the best. But you’ve got to choose it. It’s going to take real courage and conviction that you believe in yourself enough to take action in your life.

It takes balls to reclaim your life. All too often we let others dictate our choices. We become complacent to the world around us. We let content substitute satisfaction, we settle for less than we want and deserve. Stop that!

I’m saying to you now that you deserve better. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to make real, actual happiness a reality. It’s not the first step that’s the hardest, it’s the ones that follow. It’s the daily decision to pursue that in which truly fills our soul with joy.

Achieving positive and conscious change is possible. Striving for what honestly moves you is what is required. Standing idle will not help you. Only daily motivated action for the changes you seek will get you there. You can do it, but you must try.

Stop allowing yourself to be unhappy. Stop the cycle of your lackluster life.  Get up, get out, get down, break through and get it. Make the life you want and revel in the beauty of a life you’re proud of. You deserve to be happy! Anything less, is simply just unacceptable.