Mindful Minutes

10 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Perspective


Perspective or the outlook one has on life can be summed up in one sentence. It is the way we see our world around us as it relates to our life. This self-centric worldview is not fixed, it is ever-changing and we have the power to change it with the greatest gift we are bestowed- Our mind.

So then what exactly does it mean to be mindful? So many people are talking about it, but what is it useful for? How do we become mindful? How does it aid in our perspective, and what is the point anyways if no one around us is also practicing to be more mindful? Does the rest of the world have to also be awakened for our mindfulness to make an effect? In a word- NO!

If I told you that you have two completely distinct realities that lay before you, would you care to believe me? Most people see things as they happen, and some even refuse to see the obvious after it has happened. We’ve become trained or conditioned to go through life wearing these blinders that society has placed on us since birth. We’re told from an early age, “Hey, that’s life.” Or how “Nobody ever said life was fair.” Better yet my favorite, “It is God’s will.”

Well no offense meant, but eff that guy. Why is it so? Is God really just this big bully that likes to see us suffer? Do you truly believe that there is an omnipotent force up in the clouds just holding the magnifying glass over the sun trying to fry off our legs to watch us toil? Absolutely not! We do it to ourselves. So then, why would we not choose to be more active and present in our lives? Why would we succumb to dumb luck and hope everything works out?

If you’re tired of life treating you like its little joke and you want to have more power over the things that happen to it or to you then the answer is simple. Be more involved in your own life every day. It surely is not rocket science, hell it’s not even 3rd Grade Mathematics! Mindfulness is so simple that as children we all used to do it automatically. Do you remember the innocence you once had? Do you remember believing that everything would be ok? It will.

To change your perspective, one first needs to change the way they see the world around them. Sounds great right? “But how does this magical change happen?” I hear you asking. By simply practicing mindfulness in a way that brings us back to the present moment. By centering ourselves and immersing ourselves into what we are doing in this exact moment. Don’t hyperventilate and put the paper bag down. It’s a whole lot easier than you may think to achieve.

When we practice mindfulness, we are returning our attention to the present moment. We are, in essence, saying to the Universe that we are paying attention and wish to receive the abundance that it has in store for us. It takes a whopping 10 minutes to learn and implement. And it involves a pretty tricky skill called breathing and being still. Surprisingly tough right?

We can be mindful anywhere, anytime no matter what is going on around us. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Breathe in slowly through your nose, and exhale out slowly through your mouth. While you breathe in silently, or aloud say to yourself, “Breathing in I accept everything that is in the present moment.” As you exhale tell yourself and the Universe that, “Breathing out I release all the things that I cannot change.” Do so three times, but then stay there in that moment as you continue to breathe.

You will feel your mind race at first trying to hold on to the worries that confound you. Let those thoughts simply pass by the front of your mind as you breathe. Soon enough those worrisome thoughts will drift away and your mind will begin to clear. As you continue to practice this ultra-tough life skill, it will get easier and easier and soon enough you won’t even realize it, but you’ll be doing it automatically.

The results you can expect would include a lower heart-rate, lowered depression and angst when something goes awry, increased positivity, and also the best one in my opinion, you’ll notice things and possibilities that weren’t there before. Rather, they were there but you were just too busy minded to notice them. New opportunities will unfold before you. You will notice an increase in synchronistic events, where one good occurrence will lead to another, to another, etc.

Once you’ve removed the negative mindset that we are all convinced is reality, life does something absolutely incredible. It helps us. The Universe has abundance for all of us, and it is all connected. The effects of your newly found mindful mindset ripple outward into the Universe. They begin to release others from this old mindset that once held us captive. Your mood will increase towards the positive as will those around you.  The Universe applies the Law of Attraction and brings more abundance for all, and the cycle changes for the better. If enough people were to practice the art of the mindful mind-shift, imagine the possibilities-It can and will change the world at large and not just our little corner of it.

So you see, life is not out to get you. Your mind is. Change your mind and change your world. It is really that simple. Try it, I dare you. What do you have to lose? Aside from negativity, stress, worry, fear, and all the negative things that life had convinced you was only part of living it. Be still, breathe, and be mindful- Just 10 mindful minutes can alter the course of history in your life and the lives of others.



7 thoughts on “Mindful Minutes”

  1. Pure awesomeness. A couple of months ago i decided to do meditation and it changed everything around me. change my thoughts and mindset. so true. change the way you think. when you put out positive you receive positive back. Excellent Blog

  2. I enjoyed reading your article as it makes mindfulness so much clearer for those who are wondering what it’s all about, and it helped me as well. I will try the breathing exercise.

    Your statement: “So you see, life is not out to get you. Your mind is. Change your mind and change your world. It is really that simple.”
    is a perfect message for me because I have always struggled with a sense of vulnerability.

    Thank you for sharing. 🙂