Mindful Monday Motivators

b”Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

-Charles R. Swindoll

Some people are motivated by money, others by love. Some chase their dreams, some have none to think of. I know what motivates me but, what motivates you? What is it you wish to do?

It’s good to know what it is that you want from life. It would be even better to have a plan in action to accomplish that goal. How many of you are living their dream job? How many of you have transcended from the old you to the newer more mindful and driven version of yourselves?

In order to know where we are going, we have to acknowledge where we’ve been. For some of us that trip down memory lane is darker than others, and for some, it can be a downright nightmare of old versions of ourselves making horrible choices. Until in the end, we wind up paying massive costs to our personal and mental well-being.

The truth is, growth hurts

By the time many of us finally awaken to see that we need to make changes in the patterns of our daily lives, we have experienced so much pain and suffering that we have become accustomed to feeling like we have to move mountains.

When we seek to change those daily destructive patterns and trade them for a new skill set it can create serious internal dissonance. That internal conflict within us has a cost. When we are not in balance our physical, mental, and emotional capacities become overloaded.

If left unattended, those imbalances can lead to increased anxiety, higher blood pressure and increased risk of heart attacks & strokes. Stress resonates like a wrecking ball within our bodies, recklessly swinging to and fro and knocking our internal wirings for a loop.

The Effects of Stress-https://www.pinterest.com/pin/127860076896038950/

The effects of stress on our bodies, our minds, and our nervous system can be catastrophic. The longer we are under extreme stress, the more so the damage spreads throughout our systems.

Excessive stress can cause hair loss, mouth ulcer’s,  insomnia, migraines, anxiety/panic attacks, depression, heart disease & hypertension, muscle spasms, increased symptoms of asthma, stomach ulcers, IBS, eczema & psoriasis, menstrual disorders in women, as well as,  impotence & premature ejaculation in men.

Turn back the biological clock through stress management

There is no need to panic yet! It’s not too late to turn your health around, lower your stress and reduce your risks of stress-related illnesses and issues. By releasing our stress in healthy ways, we can not only slow or stop the effects of stress but with proper diet, exercise and routine health maintenance we can begin to reverse and heal some of that damage.

Turn the page and start a new chapter & create mindful space

I’d like to invite you to create a more mindful and stress-free space in your life. It doesn’t have to be a grandiose scale renovation, but it’s obvious something must change and now.                                                                                    Creating Mindful Space

To create mindful space all you need to do is set aside one place in your home where you can retreat to free of distraction when you need to decompress. In one of my apartments, we had a spare bedroom that was predominantly used as a decompression chamber for my wife at the time and myself.

If you can’t designate a whole room, then maybe just a quiet nook or corner in one of the rooms in your house. Living here in Phoenix, I’ve had an outdoor sanctuary at almost every place I’ve lived. They have been my solace, my comfort, and at times the only thing that kept me from going insane.

Live a happier, healthier, and even a longer life with mindful purpose

If you make some healthy changes in your life, not only will you have more energy, suffer less from illnesses, and essentially extend your life years but you will also increase the level of your enjoyment of those added years.

All you need is some mindful motivation. It doesn’t matter what that motivator is, it could be anything that causes you to want to change. Any alteration you make which dramatically reduces stress and grows your happiness is worth the initial struggle to begin to overcome it.

You have within you the power to change the situation you find yourself in. You have the power to do it today! You deserve to move forward out of the darkness and into the brighter future that you make for yourself. All it takes is the mindful presence to realize a change is needed, then take one massive step in the direction of that change every day. That’s it!

You CAN do this! I believe in you! Isn’t it time you believed in yourself as well? Start TODAY!



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