Mindful Presence-The Answer for Everything


Guiding yourself to a happier life

How often have you found yourself in a quandary with no obvious solution? That moment where it seems no matter how you try you just can’t find an answer. Time is slipping away faster and faster as that deadline looms, yet each tick of the clock seems like an eternity of silent tension. What do you do? What can you do?

TA-DAT-TADAAAA! Enter our superhero- Mindful Presence to save the day. Its power resides in that sweet spot in between our conscious and subconscious where time stands still, stress doesn’t exist and everything is right as rain.

Yep, that thought space is the calm lil center of the universe where deadlines don’t exist and we’ve got all the time in the world to solve the deepest of problems.

Calm mind, easier answer

Okay- so maybe not quite like that. However, there is virtually no problem that can’t be answered, or transcended by being mindful & present. When we calm our mind, slow our heart rate, and focus our energy for the current moment then every step seems simpler.

One by one the steps light up and suddenly the path we must take is crystal clear & the clouds part. The gods send down beams of light to uplift our red-faced frustrations to that conundrum graveyard in the sky.

Well, why not? Buddhists everywhere for centuries have used the power of mindfulness to still the mind and body and apply incredible focus to a task. That Zen moment of clarity, where all anxiety fades away, there is no good nor bad just is.

Think about it- a monk who sits atop the Himalayas wearing nothing but his sandals and robe can focus his energy inward, slow his heart rate so low that he can meditate in sub-zero temperatures and never develop hypothermia. How? Or the blind-folded “William Tell” monks who without seeing the target can pierce an arrow through the center of the bullseye seemingly at will.

Astounding? Witchcraft? Magick? No, it’s in their mindful presence. It’s that uber focus that attunes monk and weather, or archer and how and arrow and target in harmony of all that is. The cold does not sting the monk for he drops in a sort of cryogenic state. The arrow never wanted to go anywhere other than it’s home in the center of the target.

So too, do the answers to our problems wish to find their questions. All we need to is to calm the body, still the soul, and clear the mind and be.

imageIn doing so, we become one with all that is, and isn’t. We enter Zen state and there is no problem because the problem only exists if we give it the weight of our worry. Now, I’m not saying, “Hey it’s ok. Blow it off. So what? You’ve lopped off your arm it doesn’t exist, man!”

Well- it doesn’t technically it’s just cells, which are atoms and molecules, which are just energy and that energy is the same stuff that’s in the blade that left our poor appendage dangling by a thread. But the reality is, when we remove the fear & pressure, or the big ado of the issue at hand, we allow ourselves to clearly see the task line before us.

We can easily now navigate through this sticky situation safely. Simply because we are calm. Because we are clear in focus and pure in mind, the universal energy now syncs up with ours as it flows through us and outward towards our intent.

Any problem that arises can be solved simply & gracefully by calming and centering ourselves. If we align our energies with the universal flow, we become attuned to all that is. Once we’ve done that the answers appear & the problems that were once as heavy as the weight of the densest of metals becomes as light as a feather.

Now then, what was the problem?



*A special thank you to Dr. Rick Hanson and his inspiring article, “What is Mindful Presence?” For the Inspiration For Today’s Blog Post. You Can Read His Article: http://ow.ly/Yfe2q

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