Monday Morning Motivation Mindset

Manic Monday Mornings:

You know the feeling. Monday morning and the alarms buzzing. The kids are up and arguing about what’s for breakfast. You’re running late so you skip breakfast and run out of the house cursing the clock. If you’re anything like me, then you know this reality all too well, right?
Well, Monday’s shouldn’t be so tough. No day of the week should have to be a chore. Did you ever think that perhaps your mindset is partly to blame? Maybe, just maybe, if we shift our perspective we might find a more enjoyable morning not just for ourselves but for everyone in our household? “How?” I hear you asking. Simple mindful mornings!

Motivation Monday Mindset

So, how do we cultivate a Monday morning (or any morning) routine that isn’t based on fighting the clock and misery? Being mindful is the key, and not just for us. Our whole family can benefit from Monday morning mindful motivation. Try saying that 3x’s fast. Haha.

Creating a Mindful Monday Mindset

  1. Routine:

    All too often our chaos and seemingly random hectic schedules run amok in our lives. We have a simple remedy to regain some control over our lives. Creating a morning routine drastically reduces stress for everyone in the household. And it’s not nearly as difficult as you would think to get everyone on board. In fact, it only takes about a week. 7 whopping days to foster an easier morning routine. Step one- Get up at the same time each day.

  2. Exercise:

    So you’ve gotten everyone up together, step one complete! Now then, it’s clinically proven that exercise in the morning helps us to focus better throughout the day. However, it also gets the blood flowing and gets our minds ready to face the day. A few minutes of Yoga or Cardio exercise can reduce fighting about what to wear, what’s for breakfast, who’s got what practice after school, etc… Morning exercise gets the blood flowing to all parts of the body and relieves tension and stress as well.

  3. Balanced Breakfast:

    Put down the Pop-Tarts and leave the sugared-cereal on the shelf. Take the time to eat a well-rounded breakfast. Eggs and fresh organic fruit, maybe even a piece of sausage or bacon for protein. Not only will this hearty breakfast give us the much-needed nutrients to fire up the old noggin, but it gives us the calories and carbohydrates to sustain our energy levels right through the morning till lunch. So, resist the urge to grab a piece of toast on the way out of the door. Trust me, your body and mind will thank you for it.

  4. Mindful Meditation:

    I find it extremely beneficial to take 5-10 minutes each morning to meditate on being present to start the day off right. It doesn’t matter when in your morning routine you take the time to return yourself to right now, just do it. Meditating on being mindful of what our day entails and then bringing ourselves back to the current moment drastically reduces stress and prepares our brain for the taxing day that awaits us. I find it useful and beneficial to also take a moment to give myself a daily pep talk with a morning mantra. It doesn’t have to be complex, just something acknowledging that today is a great day to be magnificent. Personally, I tell myself that, “I’ve got the skills and ability to conquer everything I’ve got to do today.” and I usually end it with, ” Today is a great day to have a great day!”

These are just a few tips to get the morning running smoothly. Feel free to play around with a routine that works for you. But, if you use these tips as a starting guideline, I’m confident you’ll find yourself more energized and able to focus and maintain a much better mood throughout the day.
Mornings don’t have to be a pain in the hole. Nor do they have to be something that everyone in the house dreads. In fact, if everyone gets out of bed on the same page, I believe it will create a much more peaceful and stress-free morning for all of us. So come on y’all, what have you got to lose? Aside from a bunch of stress and headaches, morning mindful routines can dramatically shift our focus and attitudes towards our day. So get up, get busy, and be successful from the moment you open your eyes. You’ll be grateful  that you did.

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