Mop the Floor With Your Doubts: Motivation For Worriers

So you worry and you worry till you make yourself panic. No big deal, stop panicking, stop over-thinking, stop hyperventilating it will be ok. Well it won’t if…x…y…z…STOP!

You won’t believe me when I tell you that right now, in this very moment you have within you to mop the floor with your doubts, and find some motivation to get what you finally want.

When we stop ourselves and return to the present moment through mindfulness, we see things more clearly and can react that much quicker. Our once cluttered mind now with room to breathe can notice the little things we overlook. We may see opportunities that we didnt before, we may find simpler ways to accomplish an impossible task. We may even enjoy ourselves. That’s a good thing.

But, how do we stop ourselves and return to the present moment? How do we harness the mighty powers of self-control and practice being mindful with everything thats going on around us? After all, we’re highly regarded, busy, and have interesting things to do with interesting people. Who is more important than the little voice inside of ourselves? When was the last time we connected with our inner-self and our surroundings?

In his book, Peace Is Every Step, Thich Nhat Hanh makes a suggestion of a bell of mindfulness, and I agree with him completely.

When we are stressed, or worried the bell serves to remind us to return to ourselves and just breathe and calm our minds. After a moment or three of some good breathing and pumping our blood full of oxygen, we will feel renewed and ready to face what lay in our path.

I use the mindfulness bell app on my phone from mindful-apps, and it’s a great tool when you don’t have a singing bowl handy. It’s pretty basic but has a timer you can set to have it chime regularly. I recommend once an hour. Though you may not need it so often, there is also a manual setting. On a side note- remember to set it so it doesn’t go off while you’re on the phone. Yes, it happened while on a coaching call once, and that was fun to try to explain to my client on the other end. But it truly is an amazing app.

Whether we have an actual bell we ring to return us to this moment, or whether it’s a cell-phone app/gadget that rings it for us (in my opinion almost better), the fact is we need to be reminded to return to the now every once in a while. We need those little mindful moments to reassure our inner-self that everything is as it should be. Namaste.

1 thought on “Mop the Floor With Your Doubts: Motivation For Worriers”

  1. I love the phrase: “Mop the Floor with your doubts and find some motivation to get what you finally want”. That phrase is powerful “mop the floor with your doubts….If we change our way of thinking and push ourselves to what we want to go we find out in the end it’s been there all the time. I always use this motto in my life when my house is dirty and clustered and i can’t stand it. I start cleaning because our house/apartment represents us( our mind, body and soul) when we are clustered in our thoughts. We need start cleaning and we start cleaning our mind, body and soul we can see the vision clearly and can refocus on what is in front of us. Excellent Blog .