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If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.

-Marcus Garvey

Engaging your audience with a powerful story

If you’ve ever been to a summit for salesmen, a motivation seminar or perhaps even a Baptist Revival tent then you’ve seen them. Up there on the stage, they stroll back and forth larger than life. I’m talking of course, about the experts at motivational public speaking and also in giving a presentation.

Their job is to get the crowd as hyped as possible while also delivering a very powerful message. In order to keep the audience fully engaged, they have to have a certain fire, they’ve gotta be funny or witty, and they simply must have one other essential quality in order to fully master their craft of speaking to the masses. They have to have CONFIDENCE!

Without confidence, your expertise is lost

You might be the best at what you do. Perhaps, you even know more than anyone else on your chosen subject and you are considered by your peers and colleagues as an expert on a particular topic. It does not matter.

Without confidence, your presentation would simply fall flat and you will lose your audience.

If the crowd is not engaged, then they’re not paying attention. If they’re not paying attention, then you are not making an impact. This also means that unfortunately, you have not done yourself a service here.

  • How does one garner the undivided attention of the audience?
  • How do you keep all eyes on you and off the clock or the cell phone?
  • What sets apart a truly great speaking engagement from a mediocre one?

Get Motivated! And my introduction to Les Brown

I had the pleasure of attending a Get Motivated seminar in Phoenix, Arizona last winter, and while I didn’t know what to expect, I kept my mind open and gave it a chance.

Quite simply put, I was amazed, blown away by their ability to invoke emotion.

A dozen speakers over an 8+ hour period gave their take on everything from Secrets of eBay and Amazon Affiliate programs to Real Estate Investment Programs, Law of Attraction to Psychological Memory Boosting Techniques and motivating stories of triumph and trial.

After a long day, it was all perfectly capped and brought full-circle with an inspiring talk given by one of the best motivational speakers in the business Mr. Les Brown.

People were tired, their attention spans tested, ready to give out after a full day of voice after voice and story after story. My own ADHD was kicking in and I was ready to hit the road and call it a day. I’d heard so much about Les Brown I had to at least give him a chance. I was not disappointed!

A modest man, Les Brown may not have the super-hyped up flash-in-the-pan demeanor, or the best education degree, or even an elegant way of speaking but he does make people listen.

He’s a simple man of simple principles, and yet he took command of that stage and not a single person cared that they may be late for supper or how tired they might have been. They stayed silent and attentive and totally responsive.

All eyes were on him as he gave his talk on how “he wasn’t the brightest, or the fastest, or even the best looking kid growing up”. He talked on how he was picked on, how at times he felt as though he’d never find his place to fit in, and how he feared he may never be more than mediocre.

That brazen honesty and unabashed will to strip his soul completely bare on stage to expose his vulnerability is what made him the best motivational speaker in the world, and it’s what kept me there. His raw passion for his belief that,

“There is greatness inside all of you!”

-Les Brown

is refreshing in a world that is so full of should of’s and ought to’s and what not.

It is extremely easy to tell that not only does he truly believe in his message, but that he is equally inspired by those who’ve found inspiration through his words as they are inspired by him.

A new perspective on possibility

I left that day feeling ten-foot-tall and bullet-proof, and as I traveled home my mind swam in the possibility that I too could live a life that would inspire others.

My new outlook on possibility got me to where I am today.

I’ve created coaching programs to help others, I’ve given workshops and speaking engagements on numerous topics. I’ve got a thriving freelance copywriting/marketing business, and a website that not only empowers others to be the best versions of themselves but has helped thousands to live life happier, and more productively.

I get emails all the time asking me where I get my motivation to keep going when all seems lost. People want to know what drives me to want to help others, and I tell them that had it not been for hitting rock-bottom that I would not be here today.

Had it not been for a vile, self-inflicted poverty due to bad decisions and drug-abuse, had it not been for losing my way and falling from my path at times I would not be where I am. It took a complete and total nervous breakdown, I would never have been able to realize my missteps and find my path once again.

The key to motivating and empowering change in ourselves or others and captivating the attention of those you wish to help is simple:

Our individual vulnerability is what binds us

it is our common core

Most of us are taught to hide our vulnerability away from the world. Why? It is this vulnerable and exposed part of our being that is the most empowering thing to witness. This is the proof that we are all perfectly flawed works in progress.

We are all beautiful and blessed.


Free your mind, and captivate your dreams

Once your eyes are opened, as soon as you have found your reasoning or motivation to reach for your dreams, everything becomes possible! 

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  1. Confidence. I like this post. It has helped me. If you don’t have confidence, your expertise is out the window! True. I think I am going to pass this along. I invite you to follow me. P.S. I love Les Brown and so does my brother.