Only 2 Life Possibilities to Focus On

Everything Else is Distraction

You’re either truly ecstatically happy or you’re about to become ecstatically happy. These are the only two realities we need to concern our focus on in order to live a happier, fuller, life. That’s it! The mystery is solved free of charge.

So, you’ve had a rough past? I’d say that’s common for the lot of us. I understand all the possibilities out there swim around in your brain and worry your already troubled mind. Don’t you have enough stuff to stress about without causing yourself more?

Let the past be the past, at last. Truly, the only way to move forward in this life is to forgive yourself for yesterday. I assure you that there is no reward in punishing yourself for missteps and off-path turns. Let that shit go! Breathe- you’re still alive and you’ve made it this far, good job!

I hope you can see that my words bear truth. Yesterday can not hurt you anymore if you stop letting it. There is abundance waiting for you, the Universe is anxious to bring it to your life but you have got to clear out some room for all that goodness to come in.

Can you see? That holding on to yesterdays past is only preventing you from healing and ushering in a new era into your life. Above all else, I wish you  speed and grace in healing, but I also wish for you to have everything you want from life. So, focus your energy on positive life happenings in the now and let go of hurt that is no longer relevant.

Now then, the real question is: Are you ecstatically happy? Or about to be? Do a little work each day to clear out what’s no longer needed in your life. Cut cords with your past and free yourself to be happier and more balanced in this moment.

I don’t expect you to become perfect because, in reality, you already are. All I expect the people I love to be is the best version of themselves. If each day you make one positive step towards being a better person  than you were yesterday, then I am blessed to know you.

I’ve seen you struggle and I know your heart. Even in your bleakest moments of darkness, your inner light shines brighter than the sun. Don’t change that light. If needed you can refocus the magnifying glass that concentrates that light as you need, but don’t ever dim your light for someone else.

Their hurt is not your cross to bear, their addictions and drama are not yours either. Let that shit go!

You were put here on this plane and given the amazing light that you contain for one reason- TO SHINE! So, turn it on. Now, leave that light on! Never again, dull your light for someone who won’t even be real for you. I hope this helps.


-Just a side note: While this message is for everyone who needs it, I have put a little extra intent behind this one for someone very specific in my personal life who is amazing. If you could only see yourself through my eyes and the eyes of the Universe, you would know how incredibly amazing you are. Don’t give up!