Respect Yourself

No one Else Will If You Don’t

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Good Friday people! Oh my, my what a beautiful day it is as well! The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and so are all y’all amazing spiritual beings. It’s time for today’s Daily Kickstand, so buckle up this one might get bumpy, here we go. I hope y’all dig it.
When someone disrespects us it says one thing up front, That they do not care about us. When they continue to do so, and moreover when we continue to let them it says something completely different. It says that we do not care about ourselves. Because if we did, we would not stand for their gross negligence and their abuse of our heartfelt good nature. It tells them that they can do whatever they choose to do to us and that we will still be there waiting.  So why would they stop?  If they come to us when were hurt by their actions or words and they offer a lip service of empty promises of how they’ll change their ways, we have two choices. We can either choose to stay, to trust their apology is sincere and assume them not do it again, or we can get real and know in our hearts that they have no intention or interest in our feelings.  It’s simple, the old cliche holds true.
“Fool Me Once The Shame On You,
Fool Me Again Well Shame On Me.”
If someone repeatedly treats us with less care than we need and deserve, it is all on us to walk away. It’s no longer anyone’s fault after the first time they go back on their word.  After all, how are we supposed to expect anyone to respect us when we don’t even respect us? What kind of message do we send when we allow someone to dictate the scope of our boundaries?
A relationship of any magnitude or classification requires mutual affection and mutual respect. It requires trust and unrivaled honesty and it requires two adults to act as such. Attraction is rarely the cause for relations breaking down. Often it is because one can not be honest with the other.  That said if you are in a relationship like this where you feel truly disrespected and like your feelings don’t matter to your partner, I urge you to take a good close look at the relationship.  If you find that you’re the only one making sacrifices then it’s time to go, time to run for the hills and lick your wounds and try again another day.
No one else will respect you until you do.  So look yourself in the mirror, tell yourself you deserve to be loved and happy and respected. Tell yourself you are enough. Tell yourself you love yourself enough to stand up for what you want and deserve.  Be you. Be beautiful. Be blissfully blessed and get what is yours today.
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Kevin MacConkey- Lead Writer
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4 thoughts on “Respect Yourself”

  1. Hey Kevin,

    Empowering post. I gotta say “Respect yourself” is one of my favorite phrases ever … it has even become sort of a mantra 🙂

    I always believe in the “inside-out” approach–you can’t do this or show that to others if you can’t do them alone first, consistently and with purpose. I think it’s also a truth when it comes to respect–if you don’t respect yourself, you definitely won’t respect others–this may be broad but there’s truth in it.

    I loved this post. Thanks, Kevin.