4 Ways to End Self-Defeating Prophecies

“It’s a recursive process: ‘I feel better, I behave better, I notice others behave better toward me, I feel better”

-Danu Anthony Stinson

It’s all in your head

Psychologists have finally proven what we, in the wellness community, have all assumed and focused towards. The fact that, in essence, self-defeating prophecies exist is not altogether shocking.

However, what is exciting, is the verification that they are, in fact, all in our heads. This is great news for all you Eeyore-types out there! However, what does it all mean and how can you end the self-defeating prophecies that plague and follow you around like the proverbial dark cloud tied to your belt loop?

Psychologists have gleaned new insight from a research study completed in 2011, and the answer?

Positive self-affirmation.

Positive Self-Affirmation is the Key to Ending Social Insecurity

Turns out, that what truly produces and perpetuates the Cycle of Social Insecurity or the effects of one’s fears and anxieties about social settings and relationships is nothing more than a person’s own internal dialogues and beliefs of themselves.

This means that one of my staunchest beliefs is true, that is, if you change your mindset you can change your life. You alone have the power to fix your stagnate life!

What happens is, when you wake up in the morning and seem to be having, “one of those days”, you are really bringing it on yourslef every time you tell yourself things like, “go figure, this is just my dumb luck.” Or, “I’m such a jinx, nothing ever goes right for me.”

When you say things like that to yourself, even if no one else can hear you or you say it in your head, the Universe is still listening. So, in truth, you are asking the Universe for more of the same or willing it to do so by your negative self-talking. The cycle continues, you mess up. Things go to pot. You lament and down-talk yourself again. Then inevitably, more bad stuff happens.

Change your mindset, change your life!

Positive self-affirmation not only sends a different message to the Universe, it also makes us feel better about ourselves and who we are. When we feel better about who we are, we are happier and our outlook and disposition become more confident and we are able to allow ourselves to be more open.

But how does one change their mindset?

Well, luckily it’s not rocket science! All it takes is an open mind, some simple morning mantras and enough faith to give it a fair chance to take root.

  1. Mindful self-talk: When we are mindful enough to monitor the way we speak to ourselves, we are able to notice a pattern and switch the habit around.
  2. Morning Mantra’s: If we personalize our own morning mantra’s focusing on telling ourselves good things about our core character, we begin to reinforce them in our psyche and over time we believe them. That’s when the magic happens.
  3. Forgive Yourself and Others: It’s not enough to just tell ourselves good things about us. We need to actively forgive ourselves for being harsh towards our inner child. Once we do, it can be amazing how life changes.
  4. Self-Love: If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times; you have got to love yourself before anyone else can or will. Start today, and be fearless in your efforts to care more for yourself, it is a difference maker.

You can end the cycles of self-fulfilling prophecies and social insecurity and live a better, happier life! It’s never too late to turn your life around!

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