SPEAK WITH LOVE: Act with compassion

Hello all you faithful Kickstands out there. Sorry today’s post is so late, but it took a lot to get up the strength to post today. Our family lost a pure source of light yesterday and leaves us all mourning the loss of our brother, Nicholas Jackson, 24. We send our love and light to all those affected by Nicks transcendence from this realm to the eternal energy of the Universal Flow.


Nicholas Jackson

Today also marks the 5 year Anniversary of my big brother, teacher, and friend Todd Scott “ScottyPaluza” Schojan. Not a day passes that I’m not reminded of the lessons you taught me & the gifts you brought me brother, NFA. Please look after our brother Nick and all those that have gone before.


Scott Schojan

That said, I hope everyone finds strength when and where they need it today and every day. Let this serve true example of the importance to live each day as it may be your last. So here we go today’s Daily Kickstand is all about forgiveness and telling our loved ones how much we love them, before its too late.

We are all only here in these organic vessels for a limited time, and what we choose to do with these stardust composite frames is of great importance. All  too often we get caught up in the rat race. We become so busy keeping up with the Jones’s that we lose sight of whats truly most important in this life- OUR SERVICE TO EACH OTHER FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL.

Money can not buy you happiness, it cant buy you karma, it cant even earn you favor from the Universe for the things we want or need in life. It is this exact reason, when we are in a position to help a fellow weary traveler, not only is it suggested but rather it is our moral duty. UBUNTU– An African phrase that translates : I am what I am, because of who we all are.

Powerful are the tribes that stick together and aid each other in all endeavors. On this Earth there are an unlimited array of races, religions, creeds, and national origins, yet one fact remains. We are all inhabitants of the same blue, spinning orb in the same cosmos that makes up a tiny sliver of this great big Universe. As all energy is connected & we are all comprised of that same energy, we therefore are all connected. ONE WORLD TRIBE of LOVE & LIGHT. We owe it to ourselves to treat each other as such.

Disagreements are bound to happen, some more intense than others. We may lose our ability to see another persons viewpoint. This temporary loss of clarity doesn’t automatically make either party intrinsically wrong, but rather it is the one that shuts down & refuses to listen to both sides of a dispute and find peaceful resolution as a collective whom is in need of guidance.

When tensions flare, cruel or careless words of anger are spoken, & feelings are hurt it is on the transgressor of those maliciously formed sentiments to apologize to all those affected. In turn, it is the responsibility of the injured or wronged party to in fair response, offer forgiveness. It is then, and only then that a peaceful resolution can be reached. It is only after all involved have put down their ego & pride, and set their intentions to the greatest good of the tribe that true healing and creation can begin.

DO NOT DELAY THE PROCESS! HEAL THE RIFT QUICKLY: Each new day is not guaranteed us. Life is tricky that way. We may go on to live out a long & happy life full of all the richness & abundance the Universe can provide; or it may be cut short without prejudice or notice. So apologize often, forgive quickly, and be sure to tell the ones you love how much they truly mean to you because you simply just might not get another chance to do so.

Be you! Be beautiful! Be blissfully blessed & be good to one another! We ARE One World Tribe of Love & Light! Be good to each other. And remember that someone, somewhere at any given moment might just need a kickstand to keep them from falling down. Being good family means helping to raise others up when they are low, and always building towards a better tomorrow for all. BLESS UP!!!!





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