Staying Positive in the Face of Adversity

It’s Not Always Sunshine & Roses

Let’s face it, life is not always hunky-dory. As a matter of fact sometimes it’s downright crap. But it’s what we do in those down times that makes the ultimate difference.

You know you’ve been there. That moment when you’re running on fumes, and it feels like life keeps kicking you for trying to get up, right? You want to do better, you wish you knew how but nothing’s going your way. So how do you change direction in the face of the negative crap-storm circling overhead?

Trying to keep moving forward when all seems lost is hard, it’s challenging. It’s possibly the single hardest thing we have to do as adults. We’ve all wondered at some point why we were in such a rush to grow up. Well, any answers?

Once we hit a certain point in life, we have to keep moving. Whether it’s responsibility, or kids, or our house, or a job we’ve got to get up in the morning and get to it. We’ve got to put our game face on and roll up our sleeves and hit it hard. There isn’t always an easy way, it just needs to get done so we do it.

But what happens when we fall behind? When the cards fall against our favor, what then do we do? Do we just throw in the towel and head for greener pastures? Or do we instead bear down and hold fast and do what needs doing?

“Never take life seriously, nobody gets out of it alive anyways.”

-Sydney J. Harris


“Can anything else go wrong?” Syndrome

Just about every one of us has uttered this question to the Universe, and in short- yes, it can and probably will if you had to ask. It’s like the ultimate double-dog-dare to the powers that be.

Instead of looking at all that is going wrong with our lives, it would behoove us to try and search for the positives. When we look for negatives, we will surely find them in abundance. The more we focus on those downsides, the more we will notice. After a while, negative happenings will be all we see because they’re all we’re looking for.

Inversely, if we look at the positive aspects of our life, we will also find them. If we search for any pin-hole of light coming through the darkness, eventually our eyes adjust to the darkness and we will find more sources of light than we originally perceived.

Not only will we condition ourselves to see what we seek, but we also will manifest what we dwell on. If we seek the bad we find it, and we put into the Universe that we’re looking for it and voila! It manifests itself as if we requested it personally. But you see, the Law of Attraction is an equal opportunity giver. It works for the positives in life too.

In essence, what you put out there, what you focus on and seek will ultimately manifest in real life. So by training our minds to look for positivity and the good things in life, not only are we learning to see the good through the bad but we are also breathing the good to our life. But how do we unlearn years of societal conditioning to be down-trodden?

We can do a lot to change our perceptions. We can meditate. We can make a list of pros and cons. We can make dream boards of vision boards. We can vocally acknowledge the blessings in our life every morning, every minute of every day.

At first, these vocalizations may be awkward and tough to remember to acknowledge. Yet over time, they will become second nature. We will observe and give thanks for them without even realizing that we’ve done it. At this point, we’ve turned ourselves into a positivity manifestation machine.

By training ourselves to see the good in every moment and even seeing the hardships as a blessing disguised as a lesson to grow, we’ve taken the sting out of a bad situation and transformed it into a positive. The good will come in bunches and the bad will not hit us as hard. We begin to transform everything into a blessing and over time, those blessed lessons become true blessings in which we are grateful for.

Our perspective is key. It’s true. Our perception of any event is what makes it positive or negative. Once we’ve learned to transform our thoughts and our perception of each event, we truly learn to be grateful just to have these experiences.

Life is truly a blessing. The good, the bad, the mediocre and the meaningful things in life are only what we acknowledge them to be.  I mean, yes something’s in life are hard to swallow. Death is never easy to handle, but even it in itself is not negative. The circle of life is what it is, all things that are born at some point must die. And depending on your beliefs, we may see them again, even if only in our memories.

So chin up buckaroo! Life’s not all that bad. Just do the best you can, celebrate your successes, and learn from your mistakes. Don’t be so hard on yourself and always try your best to transform those negative thoughts to positive one’s whether through mindful meditation or through actual transformative learning.

Have faith that the Universe will never put more on your plate than you can actually handle. The things that are before you, are there to teach you something. Learn from them and let them go. Be strong and steadfast in your efforts and as Sydney J. Harris said, “Never take life seriously, nobody gets out of it alive anyways.” Enjoy the ride.


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