Good morning every one of you beautiful souls! I bet y’all thought I abandoned you? NEVER!!! Today’s  #DailyKickstand is up and here we go-ITS FRIDAY! BE YOU. BE BEAUTIFUL. BE BLISSFULLY BLESSED! I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A TRULY AMAZING DAY!

My success isn’t measured by your house. It’s not defined by a dollar sign or an extra zero in my bank account. Trust me, one zero is a blessing. The make & model of the luxury car you drive speaks no truth to your being more entitled than I. You see, true success in life is measured another way.

A truly wealthy man is the one who, on his deathbed can look at his life and smile, not at his triumph but rather all of the mistakes made along the way. At the end of the day if one has tried everything he possibly can to make things work, even if he fell short- he succeeds.

If he spends his life without a home but maintains his bliss-  he succeeds. If he has a million enemies but one who sees him as he really is, and is loved anyway- he succeeds. He succeeds when his wife cheats on him and reduces him to a mere cinder when the smoke clears he succeeds.

He succeeds because it doesn’t matter what you take from him. He smiles still when everything crashes down because he’s learned how to survive. When everyone abandoned him but save one he succeeds because he’s been alone for a lifetime. He succeeds in every true manner of the word of he has pressed on misstep after misstep, one foot in the gutter and one in the grave. He’s lived this way, smiling upon his misfortune his entire life. Why would today he any different?

He is smiling for he kept trying and learned gratitude for t’ he gift of his lessons. Life is hard enough as it is. Yes, do try! Do reach, and push yourself for greater things. Do dream big & CHASE THAT DREAM TO THE GROUND! But do not lose your smile. Don’t ever let go of the bliss in every bittersweet moment in life. If you can do that- you succeed! BLESS UP!