The Blessing of Today-Don’t Miss It!

The past is behind us. The future isn’t here yet. We only have the gift that is today. This day is what is in our control. This moment, the one we’re in right now is what life is all about. We are not our worries, nor are we the sum of our fears. We are beautiful and free to have the experiences we choose.

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. Henry Ford said that and boy-oh-boy was he right. If you spend your days telling yourself you’re not good enough then you’ll never reach your true potential. However, if we tweak our thinking just slightly and instead of focusing on the can not, we were to focus on the things we can do and the possibilities before us then there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

The point I’m making here is that all too often, we worry about what has happened or hasn’t happened yet that we lose sight of what’s most important. THIS moment. THIS ONE RIGHT NOW!

We spend our days worried about our past mistakes and what happens? We make more of them. Or, we find ourselves paralyzed in place, unable to move for fear of making a mistake. Life was meant to fuck up once in awhile. If you’re not making mistakes then nothing is being learned. So stop fretting so much about the mistakes of your past. As long as we’ve learned something at the end of the day then we have not failed.

For us to worry about tomorrow, of what has not happened yet is also futile. Why stress what is inevitably out of our control? If we spend our entire life worrying about what might be, we will miss all of the good stuff. Looking down is a waste of vision. We, as humans are gifted with the gift of peripheral vision for just such reason.

We do not need to focus on the ground to move forward. If we’re looking ahead, head held high, there is nothing can trip us up because the width of our gaze will alert us to moments we need to pay attention and those in which we can look to the sky. And I’m of the school that believes the sky is always much prettier than the dirty sidewalk on which we walk.

I’ve got a friend, and I hope she doesn’t mind that I mention her here, but she has had a rough life by any standards. To be brief, she has a heart problem, it was solved by a surgery which caused a further complication and another surgery. Now, having survived two heart surgeries and a pacemaker implant, she may have to have another surgery to replace the pacemaker that her body is rejecting.

I asked my friend how she remains so upbeat. Her reply moved me. She said simply, “It’s ok. I’m ok with the journey. I trust it even though I don’t understand why it’s happening. It’s a beautiful life. I will keep fighting for it.”

Her outlook has always been extremely positive. The fight that is contained in this one soul is something that legends are made of. I don’t know if I would have the tenacity and presence of mind to remain so positive. But I’d like to think so. It is amazing to see someone who is going through so much to remain positive and to feel blessed just to have today. To call it inspiring would not do it justice, it is nothing short of amazing. And it is a reminder that…

Today is a gift. This moment that you’re in is the best chance you’ll ever get to truly live. It may sound a bit hedonistic, but it’s true. Live for this moment. You never know if you’ll receive another. So get out there, this day is your chance to do something epic and inspiring. Even if its just to walk about and appreciate the things you have, no matter how few they may be. You are breathing. That’s something in itself that is miraculous. Live your life, make mistakes and learn, forgive often, love every minute of this life.


5 thoughts on “The Blessing of Today-Don’t Miss It!”

    1. Well then it is truly a blessing you saw it. This is the reason I write. The Daily Kickstand was how I kept myself going through hard times, and it is in the hope that it does the same for others why I persist. Everyone sometime needs a kickstand to keep them from falling down.