To Move a Mountain

A man who moves a mountain, starts by carrying away small stones.
How many times in life have you found yourself with a monumental task to complete? Standing at the bottom of that mountain of to-do’s it can seem impossible to manage, right? Breathe and center yourself. This too, is doable.
Focus on the smaller, more manageable steps that can be done quickly and without much planning. Those simple pieces of the puzzle oftentimes give direction to the harder ones. Or, if no apparent direction comes at least we have more time to devise a strategy.
Look, if the Egyptians could build the pyramids without the use of cranes, or the Druids managed to transport the stones that built Stonehenge without motorized trucking, then there’s certain to be a way to accomplish your extraordinary feat as well. Anything worth doing will likely not be without its learning curve. The chance is high that you’ve not attempted such endeavors, so why would you criticize yourself for needing to assemble a game plan?
It could be, that this chore can not be done alone. Therefore, the smaller things may be required to bring you to the partners you’ll need to get ‘er done, so to speak. There’s nothing wrong with requiring help, and in most cases it does us well to work collectively.
Working together is what makes certain species, such as ours, so successful at remaining viable inhabitants of this Earth. Our ability to communicate and share our knowledge with one another is our greatest gift, so why not allow the possibility into our lives?
The Universe is always conspiring to aid our learning and wants to see us happy and successful. It also, knows exactly what trials we have to face before we are capable of reaching our true potential, and will give us exactly the lesson we need in order to transcend to our highest self.
By raising our collective consciousness we are raising the bar to a better life. By becoming awake and teaching others what we have learned is the highest form of that expression. In this way, we are all turning into Bodhisattva, in that we aid each other in our quest for living a conscious life, an attainable goal.
To move a mountain, is not a monumental task. It is a reminder of our own limitations and our ability to overcome those limits and transcend and attune our consciousness to a higher vibration. So, bless up and go forth and move mountains both real and metaphorical alike.

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