Ways to Cultivate Bliss Everyday

Easy Life Hacks to Live By:

So, here it is you’re not a kid anymore. Chances are, that somewhere along the line you forgot that magic we all had at one time when life was as big as we could imagine. Well, if you’re like me, you wish you could get those days back, right?

What if I told you that you could? If there was a way you could nurture your inner- child back to life and believe that the world was anything you wanted to make it again, would you do it? I thought so. It only takes a small bit of effort, and the results are amazing!

Ways to Live a Blissful Existence

  1. Make Believe: It’s a simple concept really. It’s one we all did at one point or another. Whether it was with our friends or alone in our room as a child. Back then we had this innocent view that the world existed without limitations. And it did. We can relearn to see the world with those wild and wonderous eyes. What’s more, if we raise our consciousness and help others to do the same, then we’ve created a playground in which to experience life.
  2. Let Go of Control: I’m not saying be reckless here, no. What I am suggesting is that we stop trying to control every single moment and thing in our life. There will always be speed bumps and setbacks as well as things that are just plain out of our control. We still have to wake up and pay the bills, but we can also pick our battles. Choose to follow your dreams, chase them. Sprint after them like you’re it in a game of tag. I assure you if your heart and soul are into whatever it is you want, then the Universe will not let you down.
  3. Give More Than You Receive: It would be impossible for the Universe to bless us with abundance if our lives are so cluttered with things. In my opinion, is what has lead us astray of our path. We’ve spent so much effort acquiring things and using people to do so. If we act in accordance with the greater good instead, and appreciate and gather with people, and use things to do so then we have restored order in the cosmic flow. Not only that but as we shed all the “stuff” that clutters our minds and every aspect of our being, we are in fact clearing the way for abundance to be ushered into our reality. So, take what you’ve got and give it away!
  4. Live a Life of Purpose: What is it dear friend, that you have to offer the world that no one else can? We’re all graced with gifts to share and teach each other. We were meant to be a social tribe, not a solitary one. Once we’ve cleared our mental attic, we will find ourselves back upon the clearer path. That path leads to our awakened sense of purpose. This indeed is our gift to offer the world. Seek out your place in it and learn to be as giving of your talent as you are able.
  5. Cancel Our Subscription to Dystopia: We the people, have created this incredibly complex society where instead of trying to understand each other, we turn away or worse yet, we grow prejudice to our diversity. Our differences are one of our greatest gifts to offer each other. We have to celebrate our differences.

We can reclaim our happiness if we want. We just need to be more mindfully present in our everyday life. We have to turn off the television. We have to get out of our houses and begin truly living again. Being blissful is our Universal given right.

Life is too short to be anything but happy. One of the best ways we can give thanks in this life is to help someone else in need. Whether it’s a smile, a dollar, a meal, or just our time, we need to help our fellow man.


2 thoughts on “Ways to Cultivate Bliss Everyday”

    1. Well, thanks be to you Laura. Letting go is one of the hardest of behaviors to master, but one of the most effective to a happy life.

      It does no good to be dragged by what doesn’t serve us. Self care is the act of learning what to hold and what to let go of.

      And thank you so much for your nomination..Bless up!