We Are All One World Tribe

Because You Are As Am I

We are truly all one world tribe of living light. Every one of us has a place here in this world and we are always exactly where we are supposed to be. Right on time and right in place, we just need to be mindful as to what, when, and where that is.

Because you exist in this time and space, so do I. We’re here to help each other. And, if we can’t help each other then the least we can do is not hurt each other. There is something that can be learned from every interaction we have with each and every person.

Every single person we meet has a message for us. While some are profound and deep, others are simple and easy to miss. Some messages are clearly stated, while others still are more hidden and cryptic.

So, how do we decipher these hidden gems of wisdom sent forth from the cosmos? How do we learn our place and use our voice for the greatest good? We all have our unique talents, some of us are writers, some cooks, some are crafters,and artisans, and yet others are skilled in promoting and selling the things we create. The trick is to find your niche.

Some of us may heal others through kind words and generous charitable actions while others are teachers. Some of us use positive words to uplift and heal, while others are gifted with a sharp tongue that may cause us to push and stretch our limits and expand our boundaries. But make no mistake, all of us have a purpose in this world collective.

At times, our languages may cross and we may find a barrier. Yet, any place there is a wall there is not merely an obstacle but also another side. Where there is another side there is also room for growth, if we are open-minded and mindful to this then we are able to learn and expand our consciousness.

We are all one in the same cosmic stardust that collected on this amalgam of organic space debris that congealed into a bright blue ball just so which enabled us to spring forth from the sea and evolve forward.

From the earliest days of man, we learned that in numbers there is a great strength. Nowhere in history has that been more important than it is right now. We are outnumbered in many ways. My friend Mark would call it the see’s and not see’s. You may call it the haves and the have-nots. But no matter what you call it we are a divided people.

Throughout history, we have divided ourselves by clan, nationalities, religions, races, by class and by simple likes and dislikes. Yet, what has all of this classification and segregation brought us but war, unrest, conflicts, and hurt? The answer- nothing good.

A tribe divided is a tribe that will soon go hungry. For if we are all in it for ourselves then who is to have our backs? If we are all at odds, then what shall be gained except distance?

More and more, as we wake up from our delusions and disenfranchised states we seek out those who understand our hurt and have felt our pain. We seek out those who have the knowledge that we seek. But this too is only half of the equation.

What we seem to miss is that every single creature on this planet, and perhaps others as well, has something that we may learn. Everything has a place, everything has a story, everything has a lesson if we’re only awake enough to pay attention.

You are my brothers, my sisters, my family, my tribe. No matter the color of skin nor languages of which we speak, you are all my tribe. Whether we agree or disagree, be we friends or at times, foes we are all in this together.

I welcome you all, my tribal mates, my mentors, my students, my friends and my enemies. We are all one world tribe of living light and we all have a gift to share. So raise your vibration and raise your consciousness and remain open to the possibilities and lessons that lay before us. There has never been a greater time to be alive. We have never been more blessed than we are right now to have each other. Bless up the one world tribe!


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