What Makes You So Special?

“Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one’s own beliefs. Rather it condemns the oppression or persecution of others.”

-John F. Kennedy


A Different Approach to our Differences

So, you think there is something about you that somehow is better than all the rest? Well, as Billy Joel said, “You may be wrong for all I know, but you may be right.”

What is it that is within us to need to make the separation anyways? The way I see it if someone harms another that is a bad thing, yeah? Then, what makes for different reactions based on, well- our differences?

Here’s my case in point:

I was a guest at the home of a very lovely, albeit decidedly hardline-feministic lesbian couple in their world view as it pertains to the differences between men and women. I couldn’t help but shake my head in disbelief of what I was hearing.

Finally, I was asked to join the conversation! Although, I quickly learned that my answer would be in vain and was only to be offered up to the almighty goddess of demasculinization (merely dramatizing here…well, kind of) as to why women are “eternally superior” to men.

Anyways, they had been protestingly ranting about the art of cat-calling and how degrading it is (good point. It is degrading). But, they took it a step further and insisted it is dangerous because their cousin’s husband used to cat call and then he raped someone.

Now, how the two of those occurrences when added together somehow made all men rapists, or something ridiculous on the logic map like that.

I was then asked if I had to wake up every morning and worry if my clothes were too tight or if I was concerned I was showing too much leg. (To be honest, I rather enjoy the attention, I mean the last time I wore my short shorts…Oh sorry!)

Get over it. You’re not that special.

I nearly choked on my words as I started to answer, but I caught myself and reformulated my response, which was not all that much more eloquent.

I replied that I didn’t think it was that big of an issue. That not all men were bad. That some were just a touch less tactful and classy. Ultimately, I informed them that they were definitely over-generalizing and explained how that feels for those of us that are not that way.

This got me to thinking, how many people out there react with such extreme mannerisms about a freak story someone told them that someone told them?

A simple show of hands will do

So, I’m asking. How many of you would consider yourself open-minded? Ok, now how many of you would alter your day because of a hearsay story you were told?

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you raised your hands. You’re human and as humans, we are conditioned to believe the things people tell us. Depending on your age, you may have been warned of “Stranger Danger”. You may have even been assigned designated “Safe Haven” homes to go to if you felt threatened on the way home.

But, how many of us actually ever used much less needed those places? It was later found that the stranger danger campaign actually put kids at greater risk, as it was likely someone they knew that would abduct or harm them. Sounds fairly familiar as the story above, no?

We are accustomed these days to sensationalized stories in the media every day. I mean, we are bombarded with the propaganda of fear-mongering country and community leadership who would do literally anything to keep us at odds with one another.

We are accustomed these days to sensationalized stories in the media every day. I mean, we are bombarded with the propaganda of fear-mongering country and community leadership who would do literally anything to keep us at odds with one another.

Why? Because, they know that if they can control your fears, they can steer you in particular directions because of that fear. If they keep us afraid of our differences, it is easier to separate us and prevent an uprising.

Turn off your T.V.’s and radios, and tune into real life

If you watched the news last night before bed or maybe this morning, tell me true-

How many positive news stories did you hear? How many that sought to bring you closer to your neighbors?

Now, How many did you hear of a darker tone?

White cop shoots unarmed black teen

Mexican national rapes Chinese schoolgirl

Pakistani wipes ass with American flag…etc…

It’s an election year here in the States and  I’m truly curious what the politicians have to say about the issues, not about each other. From the little bit I’ve overheard, nothing much is actually being said that matters.

Overcoming fears that segregate and reuniting as one people

If we are ever to live a Utopian society of peace and love, then we must find a way to overcome our distraction and our preoccupation with our differences. The earth can bathe in a peaceful and prosperous time, yet it is on us to usher that path for our children and our children’s children.

I am a white man, yet I am your brother regardless your race. If you are brown, yellow, tan, or teal it makes no difference. When you hurt, I hurt. When you rejoice, I will rejoice with you.

Whether you are Christian, Pagan, Muslim, or Buddhist I will pray with you in your time of need. These differences are of no consequence in reality. Republican or Democrat or Green only matters for which propaganda we will hear for the next 4 years.

You are invited to take a different approach to our differences

I cordially invite you to stand beside me hand in hand and shout to those that would have to listen if we only joined forces and became what is our true nature to become. I invite you to stand with those that are different from you in the face of adversity and become what we once lost.

We are One World Tribe! We are a rainbow of differences! We may not have it all together yet if we stand together we can be the all-encompassing warriors of peace and unity. We can turn the tables on those that wish to segregate us for their monetary gain!

Open your hearts and love thy neighbor, not because God commands it but because it is right and just. And because it is the only way we shall ever see a day when the Earth and the heavens are no longer pierced by our aggression.

So what makes you so special? You do. If only you would realize the power you wield to make a real lasting change in this world. Our differences only serve to make us stronger together. Be you! Be beautiful! Be blissfully blessed and be the change that thunders across continents and oceans alike and reunite the wonderful tribe of living light.






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