When All Seems Lost

Fear Not, You Are Not Alone

When it seems all is lost, at that moment when you’re ready to breakdown- that’s when the magic happens. The Universe sees your struggle and your efforts and it throws you a bone. Eureka! Call it an epiphany, call it an awakening, call it a Universal Life-Altering Intervention but you’re gifted with the presence of those who genuinely care for your well-being.
Suddenly, in your darkest of moments, a kind gathering of light and energy picks you up and recharges that love light of compassion within. It is these kind-hearted beings that are the fruit of the tree of life. We’ve all known them, a fair amount of us have been them for others at times. This is the secret to a full and happy life.
They say people come into our lives for a rhyme, a reason, a lifetime or season. They come to us as a blessing or a lesson. Either way, there’s something to be learned from it all. Most important of all, remember that the key is to give more than you receive. Take a penny, leave a penny in kind.
One who finds themselves in such company of these healers and grateful families of light are truly blessed. It’s not every day that we are gifted such a boon and blessing.
Be good family. Build each other up and be strong together. Be the type of person you wish to have on your side.  Love, care, empathy, and compassion are the essential qualities of existence that we all should strive towards. For out of many we truly become one world tribe of living light.
Our goal and the goal of all living beings is to be an usher of gratitude and light. The meaning of it all is to be the gracious stewards of our fellow man in their hour of need. To reach out one’s hand in aid of another is the pinnacle of our existence. To help another is the reward of a full and well-lived life and should be the goal of us all in each and every day. It’s not a leave no child behind type state of mind, it’s a leave no man, woman, or child behind type state of mind that gets us all to the promised land.
Breathe easy, weary Universal travelers for when you are lost, just call on your family. They are the bond that keeps us together when we’re torn at the fray. They are the rock, the rod and the staff from which we are carried onward towards home. They are the path, that which leads us home to Zion to honeymoon in peace forever more.