When we set out to do something big, I don’t mean cruising the strip looking for a hottie with the booty, no. I’m talking when we take a look at our life and decide it’s time that something changes-something drastic like quitting smoking, quitting our job, quitting a relationship, or why not go HUGE & go for that thing you’ve always dreamed of doing since you were a kid. It’s scary, absolutely! Terrifying even. I’ll bet you’ve probably talked yourselves out of it a dozen times or more, right? Well, I’m telling you right now- STOP IT!

You OWE IT TO YOURSELF to do the thing that will make you happiest in life. Sounds sinfully heathen, I know but it’s not.  I’m not talking about going out and starting your own personal harem, but hey if that’s your dream and you’ve got it like that Rock on with your bad self! Who am I to criticize?

But what I’m talking about is taking that giant leap from employee to employer. I’m betting every person reading this at one point or another has thought, “Man, if I owned a company I’d do it this way. I wouldn’t treat my employees that way.”   Well? What stopped you? The only semi-plausible answer here would be capital, but thanks to crowdfunding sites that too is no longer a deterrent.

More than likely it was your fear holding you back. Hey-I understand. The fear of failure is the number 2 killer of dreams. Coming in second only to the biggest destroyer of any opportunity-procrastination…….oh fine! I’ll finish it now. Ha!

What is it that we are so afraid of? Failure? Doesn’t exist. If you try with everything you’ve got to reach the heights you set for yourself and fall short 999 times, 1000 times, 2200 times…Don’t quit! You might just have the winning combo finally dialed in on that next chance. But it’s not fear of failing that deters most of us.

It’s the fear of, “what will people say? What will my friends think? What will my parents say? What if everyone laughs at me or what if my idea isn’t good enough?”

Ya know what? FUCK EM! The only reason they’re clowning on you and your dream is because they’re too chickenshit to take a chance on their own dreams. Who gives a rat’s petunia what anyone else thinks of your ideas? Are they running your life or are you? Then stipulating other people tell you what YOU are capable of.

There is greatness in every single one of you. I can see it, but can you? Can you see the greatness inside of you? It’s time you find it. Stop worrying so much about everyone else and worry about your personal truth. It’s in there I guarantee it.

Today’s message is all about YOU. What YOU feel. What YOU want. What YOU have always wanted. The universe is ready to give it to you, but you’ve gotta get out of your own way! Get out of your head, get off the couch, get out that door and today. Make one big step towards that dream. So what if you fall? It’s better than never trying to fly! You can do whatever you want to in life as long as you believe in what you’re reaching for. So c’mon then. Let’s do it, let’s start that new life today. Be you. Be beautiful. Be blissfully blessed & damn the man who says you can’t….YOU KNOW YOU CAN!

1 thought on “WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T?”

  1. Hey Kevin!! What a motivating Post!! You are absolutely right, We should have the courage to believe in our dreams , rest will follow us!! If you can think of it , you can have it. I was a suffering from an intense decease few years back and travelling alone out of the city or country was like an unrealistic dream !! But somehow I managed to hold this dream and things started turning, now I have overcome of that decease and a happy solo traveler who has traveled many cities of my own country and have visa of many other countries on my passport!!
    Believe Brings Changes!!