You Are Entitled to Your Feelings

And Your Emotions Are Valid

Never let someone marginalize you for having feelings that they do not agree with. You deserve to have your feelings as much as the next person. Never let them get comfortable with treating you badly because they disagree with your views, opinions, or way of living. You are entitled to your feelings and your emotions are indeed valid.

If all you are is a charity case to them, where they do things for you out of “the goodness of their heart” just to turn around when they’re having a bad day and blame you for all that they’ve done and demand reciprocation, then tell them the check is in the mail, wash your hands and let that be that. Love yourself enough to let them go.

You are more than your faults. You are more than someone else’s shallow view of who you are. Which, in reality, is not a reflection of you at all.They’re merely projecting their own feelings of inadequacy onto you. It is really them that is inconsistent with the way they wish to view the world, not you.

If every time someone disagrees with your opinion or refuses to acknowledge your feelings, then take my word for it, it’s not you. They have simply proven that they are unworthy of your best if they can not accept you for who you are at the core level.

If they refuse to allow you to voice your feelings or opinions without cheapening them down to pointing out all your faults instead of just accepting that they have disrespected or hurt your feelings, then you owe it to yourself to walk away. Walk away from anyone who refuses to see you as an equal. If they look down on you for being different, walk away. If they hold themselves as superior simply because their views don’t match up with yours, walk away.

You have a right and the freedom to be who you wish to be in this life. If they can not accept this then you owe it to yourself to rid yourself of those that do not have your best interest in mind or at heart. Walk away from anyone who would push you down to raise themselves up. The battle they are fighting is with themselves, not you. It is not your battle to fight and in reality, never was.

Love yourself enough to set your boundaries where you see fit and never let someone marginalize or compromise who you really are for a difference of opinion. If they truly care, if they actually love you, even if they merely respect you then they would not go out of their way to fluff their own ego whilst degrading your value.

Love yourself enough to walk away from those who do not see the beautiful being of light that you are. Love yourself enough to allow you to be you. If someone can’t see your beauty through the stains on your feathers, then send them packing and never allow them to seep under your skin or put you down again. Bless up & be the beautiful being that is you.

Shine on you crazy, beautiful creature!

2 thoughts on “You Are Entitled to Your Feelings”

    1. You’re more than welcome sister. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. Please, by all means share it forward. You never know who else might need these words. Every one needs a kickstand every now and then to keep from falling.