You Are So Much More Than You Know

You are worth so much more than you know. You already know this weary traveler, so stop basing your value on the actions of others.

Their opinion of you is not the true reality that is you. So do not fret the opinions of others for they could never cheapen your worth.

No one in your life knows the heart that beats inside of your chest like you. No one knows the things that move you, strike you to action, or cause you joy or pain in the way that you know they do. Nobody knows you like you.

So then, why do you allow them to dictate your self-worth? Why do you let them define you?

They are not you. They never could be. They do not know the countless hours you’ve spent perfecting and honing the skills you possess. Nobody knows the trials and tests you’ve endured. They know not the countless times you’ve cried or the numerous heart-breaking attempts you’ve made. They don’t know you in the ways that you know you.

Your life is not the culmination of other people’s opinions of you. Your life is the sum of the battles you’ve fought, won, or lost. Your worth is based upon the way you see yourself.

It is a proclamation you make in your heart and your soul. You are worth what you allow in your life. You are worth so much more than the surface that most people see.

You truly are more than the surface. You are the whole of your experiences, your joys, and your sorrows. You are your emotions and your intellect. You are all of your thoughts and feelings and intuitions. You are amazing, and anyone who would cheapen you to the surface of your image does not deserve to know you.

The Universe knows you because it created you. Lifetimes ago, you were birthed in the stardust that created all. You are chemically made up of the same stuff that makes us all, stardust and gases and molecules that exist from eons past.

Because of this each of us contains within us all the knowledge of the Universe. Everything is knowable, yet only a few of us ever truly realize this knowledge. Only a handful of weary travelers ever scratch beneath the surface of our image and truly dive into learning the things that make each of us unique.

The sugar-coating only serves to lure us towards one another. It is only after the niceties, and only after the pleasant how-do-you-do’s and formalities of social convention wear off that the real learning may begin.

It is only after we’ve been ripped apart and put back together that we can know ourselves. And how could we expect another to know us when we do not first know ourselves?

Life is tough. It is the gauntlet of pain and suffering that tempers our souls towards a greater purpose. That purpose is to aid our fellow travelers in their journey.

In essence, we are all Bodhisattvas in this life. We are stewards, whose job is to help others in achieving their acquiring of the universal knowledge required to experience enlightenment.

We are all born with the knowledge of the Universe within us. It is our purpose to remember that infinite knowledge that transcends time in order to pass it along to the next weary soul. So that they too, may attain their highest potential. This is the goal of all beings, both human and otherwise.

For, just because we cannot understand the sonic language of the great bear or the wise old owl does not mean we can’t learn from them. We may learn from the smallest of creatures to the mightiest tree in the forest if we practice mindfulness and learn to listen with more than our senses.

From the ant, we may learn community and work ethic. From the wolves, we may learn family and loyalty to those that struggle with us. We can gain knowledge of steadfastness and rigidity in the storms of life from the mighty Sequoia. We can learn rebirth in the forest after the fires of life drop a single seedling to the floor to repopulate the woods anew.

There are lessons in everything and in every moment. We only need to silence our ego’s and be still our minds to awaken our connection within. Our connection within to all that is outside of us is the greatest gift we’ve ever had and lost. It is this lack of that connection that is the cause of so much of our suffering.

But, how do we reconnect that link to all the knowledge of the Universe? How do we rekindle the passions of learning that allow us to transcend image and form? How do we then, reconnect with that thing the Brahman call Altman?

Where is the tree of knowledge you might ask? It is already within each of us. It is waiting for our connection.

So here we sit on this bright blue ball, spinning through space at an unimaginable rate. We sit here unaware most of us, that we are all in this together. That the fate of one is the fate of all. From the ash, we rise and from the ash, we shall return again. But, this is only a half-truth.

Our souls are not made of the carbon and nitrogen. The fiber of our consciousness is not made up of water and hydrogen. So then, what is it that makes us what we are?

Obviously, we existed before our clay form and honestly, we know that our souls are not born of this earth.

The connection to all that is comes from deep within and, in most of us it sleeps. It sleeps deep within our organic housing awaiting the right spark to ignite the flames of our passion, our longing to reunite with the one true love within us. That love is the Universal Flow that resides in our subconscious.

It is the soul, it is our true self that contains all the love and energy and knowledge we could ever possess or need to possess to experience enlightenment. That connection to the Universe and the broken link most of us are typically experiencing is the main cause for our struggle. It is because we’ve not maintained our connectedness to this source, that most of us suffer and experience hardship.

Whether we’ve medicated our souls through drugs and alcohol, or social medias, or synthetic means such as money or material goods; the link within has been blocked off by our outward seeking.

We’ve looked high and low and everywhere in between yet, we’re still struggling. We still suffer. But why?

Why do we still suffer though we’ve conquered weather and our natural environment? Why do we struggle when we’ve accomplished so much to control every aspect of our lives? If the powers that be, whatever we choose to call them, are so benevolent- then why do we continue to suffer?

It is because all these things we’ve learned to control and manage are merely scratching the surface of existence. We’ve only managed to comfort the clay bodied versions of ourselves. We’ve paid no mind to the broken connection with us that is so vital to our soul desire for the energy that could never come from fleeting pleasures and social trappings.

Again, we feel lost, powerless to change our stars because we have not realized that we are the stars, we are the moon we chose to walk on, we are the planets and organic bodies we possess. But we are also so much more.

We are all of this because it is all also within us all. When we become mindful of the disconnect in our soul we can then begin to nourish our link to all that is. Once we’ve stripped away the facades of our human existence, we can begin to reconnect the fibers of our soul or our true self to that which we were born of.

The Universe knows our worth. It knows that we are an invaluable and integral part of everything that ever was or ever will be. So if we open our eyes and see that we too can know our true worth only after we’ve been torn to pieces and rebuilt by the hands of the Universe.

Only after we’ve been destroyed, can we be rebuilt to know the true value of every breath we take. We long for this connection. Our souls depend on it. And once we’ve got it, the Universe springs forth all of the knowledge we crave.

It is then that the Universal Law of Attraction can then bring forth abundance into our lives and only then shall we bathe in the glory of all that is. Namaste.