Your Past Might Be Dark-Welcome to the Light

Let go of the fears you’ve been holding onto. Let go of the guilt, the hurt and the hate as well. These things no longer serve you so why keep dragging them around?  

Look, we’ve got a choice in life to make, and that’s whether we want to spend our days happy or sad? You alone can control your days. You alone are responsible for making yourself happy. So, stop letting the actions of others, rob you of what is easily attainble.

Bad things happen sometimes. It’s how you take the shot and get back up that counts-not that you got knocked down. People will always try to bring up your past to justify their future. 

Not everyone is interested in seeing you do something that they’re too afraid to try. Don’t let the words of a few ruin the light you have within you for the rest of us.

Remember, you alone have what it takes to be anything you want to be. Your past might be dark,  but so was last night-it’s daytime! So, stop acting like you still can’t see.

If you see someone struggling, help them. Help them by listening. Help them by buying a cup of coffee. Help them in anyway that you’re able.

They’re not bad people just because they’re different or dirty or transient. They’re just having a hard time believing in themselves, and maybe if you do then they can. 

Be kindful, and compassionate for all the world to see. Be you.  Be beautiful. Be blissfully blessed & be the hand that helps someone try again. Bless up tribe!

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